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We have been working with Jim from Jim'll Paint It to judge the last poster competition of 2013. We supplied him with the 10 entries most voted for by you guys, and we are pleased to announce that he has chosen Ian M's piece with the tagline "Too much on my mind makes me panic".

About IanM's entry, Jim said:
"Absolutely love it. I really have a thing for chaos communicated in intricate and deliberate ways be it in visual art or music and this really hit the spot. A very smartly rendered representation of the sometimes overwhelming disorder of the panicked mind."

Winning Entry by IanM!

by IainM

Well done and congratulations, your poster will be printed and distributed in packs nationwide as the first poster of 2014!

There are currently no ongoing Design The Poster competitions. We do run them regularly so please check back soon for updates!

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If you're an artist, illustrator, designer, photographer, or have some other incredible creative gift we haven't discovered yet, then why don't you take part in one of our weekly design features?

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Good luck and we cant wait to see your contributions.

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If you're an artist, illustrator, designer or photographer, why don't you take part in one of our monthly Design Brief competitions?

There are currently no ongoing Design Brief competitions. We do run them regularly so please check back soon for updates!


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