Birdemic Poster Design Competition

Competition closes: 09 Jun 2010

Voting period: 22 May 2010 - 09 Jun 2010

This competition has now finished
Congratulations to THE_BEASTWOOD whose entry was chosen by our judges as the winning entry!
Thanks to everyone who participated. Click here to get involved in future poster competitions and other design briefs.

Here's the winner!
Birdemic Poster Design Competition
Entry guidelines
The poster must be designed to quad size specifications (see below) and include the unedited logos of: Midnight Movies, Under the Influence, Severin Films and the Don't Panic logo (download the logo pack here). The poster must also include the words 'A James Nguyen Picture', 'A Moviehead Production' 'Birdemic: Shock and Terror' and 'UK Tour'.

Important: If you are thinking of using images from films or film posters please make sure you do not copy them directly, but create your own interpretation of them.

You can upload starting from now. Voting will begin on 22 May 2010, and will end at 12:00 midnight 3 June when a shortlist of four designs will be judged by the Midnight Movies and Severin teams. The overall winner will be announced on 7 June. Let your creativity fly! GOOD LUCK!

Design specifications:

  • Quad poster, landscape: 30ins x 40ins

  • CMYK colour format

  • The poster design should not carry text or important images on the edge of the poster. Ideally, a 2cm gap (not white) should be left free of text or any important information.

  • For purposes of voting and pre-viewing in the web gallery, your entry needs to be formatted into a JPG or PNG format, resolution: 72dpi, max filesize: 1MB.

  • If your poster is chosen as the winner, you will be contacted to send over the hi-res (300 dpi) version of it. So be prepared to have this quality version ready if you are chosen. For this, PDF is the best submission format.

  • You can download the logo pack here.

Curzon Midnight Movies

Since February 2008, Curzon Midnight Movies has brought an eclectic mix of late night cult films - from horror, animation and westerns to 80s, grindhouse and arthouse - to the London alternative movie scene. With live music and a party atmosphere and prizes for the best dressed, Curzon Midnight Movies is an event, not just a screening. Past guests at sold-out nights have included: Bruce Campbell, Roger 'King of The B's' Corman, Edgar Wright and Dario Argento. We are hosting the UK premiere of Birdemic: Shock and Terror on Friday 28 May, tickets available via the Curzon Soho box office, by tel: 0871 7033 988 or at For more information join us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.



Curzon Midnight Movies and Severin Films are giving one designer the chance to have their artwork seen across the land as Birdemic: Shock and Terror, the latest cult cinema sensation, begins its UK tour. Birdemic: Shock and Terror is the new "romantic thriller" by James Nguyen. The film is a horror/action/special-effects-driven love story about a young couple trapped in a small Californian town under siege by homicidal birds. It also tackles topical issues of global warming, avian flu, organic living, sexual promiscuity and lavatory access.

"The latest hot ticket in America... a cult hit!" BBC World News

"The greatest Avian Horror Flick since The Birds." Time Out New York

We want you to design the official quad poster. The winning design will be professionally printed and reproduced as the official tour poster for all UK screenings of Birdemic. If you are keen on this kind of exposure don't forget to include your name and email address on the poster too. The lucky winner will also receive a Curzon Membership (worth £50) and a selection of cult DVDs courtesy of Severin Films, plus two tickets to a future Curzon Midnight Movie.


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