Great Scots Design Competition

Competition closes: 27 Jan 2013
Voting period: 14 Jan 2013 - 27 Jan 2013
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by Lauren_Howell
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25 Jan 2013
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WILLIAM WALLACE on horseback, by Lauren A. Howell. LONG LIVE SCOTLAND !
Lauren has always been an inventor, though she has never thought of herself as artistic. She enjoyed coloring as a child, but only recently realized she could make a living drawing & coloring. Lauren is never afraid to try new things, which she can laugh and write about later. In fact, she often puts the cart before the horse, as evidenced by the ultra-lite airplane which now sits on her front lawn waiting for her to learn to fly it. Lauren Howell has been a children's book author since 2005, but it was not until 2011 that she began illustrating books. Her books include "What Do You Want to Be?" (2012, Three Bears Publishing), which she both wrote and illustrated, and "If I Was the Mayor" (2005 Three Bears Publishing) written by Lauren Howell, illustrated by Sheldon Dawson.
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