The Left Hand of God

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by stavros1987
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29 Mar 2010
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Entry commentary
I tried to illustrate Thomas Cale by giving emphasis mostly on his face expression and the dark ,mysterious atmosphere of the second extract. In addition to this I tried to illustrate the word “ prisoner” as the author many times refers to the children of the sanctuary. To do that, I concluded a big cross that is tied to Cale’s neck by thick chains along with two robes pulling the chains from different directions. I sarcastically used the cross to represent the sanctuary and the brutality that possessed it, which is something that Cale could not escape. The two ropes were put there just to make my statement stronger. Furthermore, I have used the specific motif on the cross because is a shape that has no beginning and no ending just to illustrate the grate size of the sanctuary’s structure. At the end I considered that a screen print technique…
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