The Left Hand of God

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by elroycyk
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02 Apr 2010
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This illustration is inspired from the scene in Extract 1. The art direction is more toward comical and colour mode is pastel. Overall, it looks simple and friendly.
My name is Yoon Kiat Chong, but most people call me Elroy. I am a 23 year old who is aspiring to be a blooming graphic designer in the making. I am a high spirited and talkative young man who strives to be an ordinary person doing extraordinary things. I always liked to think of the craziest things possible which are related to art and design. Then I would put my ideas down on to paper, regardless if they were made any sense. I had fall in love with art and design.

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  • wongsiaowei
    Fri 02 - Apr - 2010, 09:58
    so cute
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