The Left Hand of God

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by nataliaart
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02 Apr 2010
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Standing in one of these corridors is a boy looking out of a window holding a

large, dark blue sack. He is perhaps fourteen or fifteen years old. He is not sure and

neither is anyone else. He has forgotten his real name because everyone who comes

here is rebaptized with the name of one of the martyrs of the Lord Redeemers – and

there are many of them on account of the fact that, time out of mind, everyone they

have failed to convert has hated their guts. The boy staring out of the window is called

Thomas Cale, although no one ever uses his first name, and he is committing a most

grievous sin by doing so.
I love to draw and write creating things that pop out of my unpredictable imagination. I really hope you like my artwork an i hope that it can inspire you to create something out of this world!
Natalia x
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