Murakami Parallel Worlds Photo Competition

Competition closes: 18 Nov 2012
Voting period: 22 Oct 2012 - 18 Nov 2012
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by strictlysteppas
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25 Oct 2012
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When traveling alone in a foreign country you really begin to think about how such a place can exist at the same time as everything else your accustomed to. When Immersed in alien cultures & languages you really are in a parallel world. This photo was taken in Meherabad, Amednagar, India. The Spiritual home of a teacher called Meher Baba. The white cabin in the image is called the Ruhri Cabin, a place that Meher Baba used for mediation & seclusion, supposedly the aim of his work there was to build the bridges between different religions, drawing them together like beads on one string. Whilst staying at this pilgrimage center I discovered that there was a darkroom, containing light sensitive paper & all the chemicals I needed to develop my own photos. I then built my own Pinhole Camera that was used to take this photo. I had to make…
I run Bristol/Falmouth based event Strictly Steppas. Im also a chef. I live for music, art & food : )
  • Guest: derw.robertson
    Wed 21 - Nov - 2012, 00:27
    The content of this photo has become much more relevant due to the upsetting circumstances taking place in Gaza... : ( my heart is with every sufferah but it seems were so cut of from it all here in the west. What can we do to make a difference in this parallel world we live in...
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