Murakami Parallel Worlds Photo Competition

Competition closes: 18 Nov 2012
Voting period: 22 Oct 2012 - 18 Nov 2012
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by AndrewJolly
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16 Nov 2012
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Parallel worlds exist within worlds, within worlds. Inside beginnings, journeys and destinations. Every mind that exists explores its own perceptions of the world, its own variation on our universe. Even before birth, a creature lives in a parallel world we can have no concept of, a world which could flourish into an infinite number of breathtaking possibilities.
I am a real life human-being from the North-West of England, where I draw things, write things, think things and do a whole variety of things pretty much all the time. I co-run an animation studio called Chog Zoo, and have a blog about books and my illustration/design work at . Hello, nice to meet you!

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