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Competition closes: 01 Jul 2012
Voting period: 04 Jun 2012 - 01 Jul 2012
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28 Jun 2012
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I've focussed my design on the relationship that springs between the characters of Gillian and Kev. I've embodied them in the illustration of the strawberry which is divided into two halves (Gillian on the right and Kev on the left. The illustrative title is in place to evoke the idea that the fruit of their love has not yet been allowed to fall from the bush, replicating the tie that Gillian seems to have to her former life. I took an illustrative approach which was inspired by the mood boards of the costume design which were on the Facebook page. I hope you enjoy the design and best of luck to all the others :)
I work mainly through drawing daft doodles in my sketchbooks to release any weird ideas that I have that are stuck in my head. I can always explain things better visually than verbally which is why I rely a lot on my designs doing the talking. I'll try my hand at anything thats creative as I'm still learning who and what I want to be as a designer. I like things like paper graffiti, books and book binding, collages, drawings as well as printed medias and methods. We are forever moving forward into the digital world so I have been developing my skills an know how of computer generated artwork as well. CPJC.
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