Wellcome Collection - Skin Design Competition

Competition closes: 05 Jul 2010
Voting period: 12 Jun 2010 - 05 Jul 2010
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by jacktherabbit
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05 Jul 2010
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Entry commentary
The organic forms of veins and vessels are blended into machinery, plugged into the internal space of flesh. In the distorted and complicated world, the pig struggled to explore the outside world, and see it for himself. Although death is inevitable, the spirit of exploration is the key to life.


After 3 years education / experience on commercial practice in Graphic Design, he came to London and learned to direct his own life. Out of the safety zone, his works expand to a more experimental level and cross-disciplinary media to Visual Design.

Also passionate in many disciplines such as street arts, installations, painting sophisticated forms and interlocking illustrations etc.

The rabbit makes his world with hands.
Everything challenging attracts him to dig down the hole.
Looking for perfection from micro-scale details to macro-scale impact.
Creating and Inventing are the basic need.
Raw and wild are the basic style.
Beautiful and fun is the goal.

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