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by Sam_h
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10 Dec 2010
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Entry commentary
With this Illustration I wanted to show Tron as it was, as it is and how it should be. I loved the movie when I was a kid and wanted to recreate this is my own way! Looking forward to seeing the new film!
  • MattCav
    Mon 13 - Dec - 2010, 15:55
    Seriously man, I really love this. Without the text, I'd buy a print of this. Actually, I don't know how you'd feel about doing this, and I don't know how you feel about my design, but if you removed the text, I'd love to trade a poster print of my design for yours. Obviously no pressure, just a thought...
  • Sam_h
    Mon 13 - Dec - 2010, 09:58
    I drew the original on A4 then added colour etc from there.... it was reduced to the correct size after this was done!
  • MattCav
    Sun 12 - Dec - 2010, 23:38
    Just wondering, how large was the original drawing?
  • casmyth
    Sun 12 - Dec - 2010, 19:08
    Love the old skool look and feel of this! Very good indeed!
  • Sam_h
    Sun 12 - Dec - 2010, 18:29
    Thanks for your comments guys am glad you like the illustration.... i had fun doing this, always a pleasure drawing a picture for something i like!
  • Sorcerer
    Sun 12 - Dec - 2010, 07:25
    I always appreciate hand-drawn work, good stuff.
  • harryG
    Sun 12 - Dec - 2010, 04:14
    completely agree with mattcav.. using the theme words compromises the integrity of a design as powerful, smartly composed and generally well thought out as this. if i saw this as a postcard i'd definitely take one! well done- in my opinion this deserves a top10 spot
  • MattCav
    Sat 11 - Dec - 2010, 23:29
    I really like this. It's got a great feel and some nice texture. Looks like the cover of an old vinyl--kind of reminiscent of Dan McPharlin a bit as well. I really like it. I only wish more people didn't actually use the words 'hidden places' in their work--I feel like it takes value away from the integrity of the design. In this piece especially, the image is so strong, and has enough depth that is doesn't need the actual words to spell it out. In fact, I love this. The only hang up I have with it is the text itself--otherwise, it's so freakin rad. Good job!
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