Pain Of Salvation live
12 Wednesday 12th April

Pain Of Salvation live

Islington Assembley Hall

Upper St, London, N1 2UD

Price: General Admission: GBP 20.00
Time: 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Tidal Concerts proudly presents:
Pain of Salvation - In The Passing Light Of Day Tour 2017

Plus support.

Doors - 7:00pm // Price - GBP 20.00 Adv.
Tickets -


Legendary Swedish progressive metal band Pain of Salvation is preparing to release their long-awaited new album "In the Passing Light of Day" for Inside Out Music on January 13th, 2017. Returning to their much praised heavier sound, Pain of Salvation is once again poised to shake the progressive world to its core with their syncopated rhythms, glorious melodies, and intensely personal themes. Certainly, the question on the minds of thousands of fans right now is whether Pain of Salvation can continue to uphold their reputation as innovators and trailblazers in some of the most unique music ever composed, and in the face of obstacles that would have broken most bands along the way.

Pain of Salvation has been different from its inception. "I wanted a name that meant something, a name that was more than a cool expression. For me, Pain of Salvation has the meaning of balance." Daniel Gildenlöw's words strike true for more than just the name of this renowned progressive metal band. Pain of Salvation has always been about more than just music; more than just the pleasure of the beat and groove. Their music has always been more about raw human experiences, riveting tumultuous stories, and shades of good and evil. These things are cloaked in dark, progressive polyrhythms and challenging syncopations, brilliantly darkened keys, percussive muscle, and conceptual album structures. The band has a sound that is completely and uniquely their own; a recipe that is recognizable from the very first note: a big serving of enigmatic metal, a side of alternative, a dash or two of progressive rock, and lyrics that will rip your heart from your chest.


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