Writing about music, dancing about architecture
11 Wednesday 11th January

Writing about music, dancing about architecture

waterside contemporary

2 Clunbury Str, London, N1 6TT

Price: Free
Time: Wed-Sat 12-6pm; P.V. Thursday 6-8pm
Starts: Wed 11th Jan
Ends: Wed 18th Jan

Open from 11 January
Private view Thursday, 12 January, 6-8pm

waterside contemporary is pleased to present Writing about music, dancing about architecture, with Marinella Senatore, anonymous, Kamen Stoyanov, Mounira Al Solh, Oreet Ashery, Iván Argote, Nick Hornby, Núria Güell, Nicoline van Harskamp, and Marianna Christofides.

Marinella Senatore's School of Narrative Dance, established by the artist in 2013, is a nomadic project that emoloys choreography and music to bring together communities, fostering emancipation of the student, and activating processes of individual self-improvement. The free school's projects - collaboratively-devised performances, parades and films - have involved thousands of people across the globe, inviting them to tell stories by other means. The Notebook from the school's first year, presented in the gallery and recording aspects of rehearsals, research and performances, including ballet, filmmaking and stargazing in Germany, Ecuador, USA, Spain and the UK amongst others, serves a rich narrative and allows for many others to begin anew.

Senatore's artistic practice is rooted in public participation, initiating dialogues between history, culture and social structures. Rethinking the role of the artist as author and the public as recipient, Senatore’s work merges forms of protest, learning theatre, oral histories, vernacular forms, protest dance and music, public ceremonies, civil rituals and mass events, reflecting on the political nature of collective formations and their impact on the social history of places and communities.




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