Trouble Vision with Nick Höppner, Shanti Celeste & Ruf Dug
24 Friday 24th February

Trouble Vision with Nick Höppner, Shanti Celeste & Ruf Dug

Corsica Studios

4/5 Elephant Road, London, SE17 1LB

Price: Early Bird: £5, 1st Release: £10, 2nd Release: £15.
Time: 11:00 pm - 6:00 am.

It's straight watts and volts via Berlin for February's edition of Trouble Vision.

Party music runs through every nook in Berlin's terrain. Its soft underbelly is made up of the thousands of basements that run thick with the low end warble of warm bass. The flighted hats and ringing melodies run along every power line, tangling through every city transformer, illuminating every abandoned office block. It is with great pleasure that we get to bring one of the cornerstones of the Berlin scene to Corsica this February.

Few names have embedded themselves within the city's landscape as much as Nick Höppner. Resident at the aforementioned Berghain and label head of the club's Ostgut Ton, Höppner has cemented his reputation upon Berlin's music scene through his skilled production and remixing, mad selection and thoughtful extended sets. Room 1. Friday Night. Expect a far reaching exploration into sound and movement and some serious power out of the desk. It's going to be an experience.

Shanti Celeste will be joining proceedings in Room 1. Now herself, a resident in Berlin, Shanti cut her teeth throwing parties in her hometown of Bristol while producing a seriously impressive string of stand out releases on labels such as Apron and Future Times, as well as her own Brstl and newly ripened Peach Discs imprint. After taking 2016 by the scruff of its neck, we've been waiting for what seems like an eternity for our very own throwdown with Shanti.

Hailing from equally industrial climbs, Mancunian Ruf Dug brings his own brand of warped house and plotted Balerica to London's best party spot. Ruffy's bringing voguing beats, contorted breaks and jammed out funk. All you need to bring is yourself.

Trouble Vision Residents are keeping things lively as always. £5 Early Birds available but not for too long!

Category: Nightlife | Nightclub.

Artists / Speakers: Nick Hoppner, Shanti Celeste, Ruf Dug.



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