Compagnie XY present It’s Not Yet Midnight…
17 Monday 17th April

Compagnie XY present It’s Not Yet Midnight…


Chalk Farm Rd, London, NW1

Price: £19.50 - £32.50
Time: 7.30pm
Starts: Mon 10th Apr
Ends: Sun 23rd Apr

Returning to London for the first time since 2010, French Compagnie XY, widely regarded as one of the leading contemporary circus companies in the world, bring their spectacular new show It’s Not Yet Midnight… to the Roundhouse for its UK premiere. With their unique voice and highly advanced skills, XY continue to push boundaries in the creation of poetic and jaw-dropping spectacle.

With 20 acrobats onstage, this show is a call to work together, to be watchful and to look out for one another, an antithesis to our individualistic society. It’s Not Yet Midnight… embraces the fleeting, exhilarating moment of euphoria, the state of weightlessness and then the inevitable fall that is part of the daily life of an acrobat.

Marcus Davey, Artistic Director at the Roundhouse, comments: I went to see It’s Not Yet Midnight… in Paris a couple of weeks after the Bataclan tragedy. The city still felt raw and on edge, and tensions were high as we walked into a tent in Parc La Villette. What we saw was a supreme act of resistance, a call to arms and a radical and poetic response to the problems our world is currently facing. With no text and stunning choreography, the company propose a way of working together, of taking responsibility for society and being more than an individual. This is the most remarkable circus show I have seen in my long career and I’ve seen a lot.’

XY are unique in their company set-up, operating as a collective who live and work together. This is the third creation from Compagnie XY, following Le Grand C (2009) and Laissez-Porter (2005). With more than 500 performances worldwide, the company’s success has enabled them to challenge acrobatic technique from a creative perspective working with large numbers of artists.

Their hand to hand … their takeoffs, their five-storey human towers, the care with which they ensure the landing of their somersaults describes an ideal world where risk-taking, generosity and solidarity rule the roost (Le Figaro).

It’s Not Yet Midnight… is supported by French cultural department (DGCA-DRAC Nord-Pas-de‐Calais) by regional council of Nord-Pas-de-Calais region, and by Adami (association for artists and musicians performers rights).



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