London Designers Collective / Pop Up
18 Saturday 18th February

London Designers Collective / Pop Up


44 Great Russel Street, London, London, WC1B 3PA

Price: Free
Time: 10am to 7pm
Starts: Fri 17th Feb
Ends: Tue 21st Feb

Co-founders of emerging womenswear brand REIN London are this London Fashion Week collaborating with 9 other LFW brands in hosting a B2C led pop up shop and B2B presentation schedule

It’s a tough climate, the industry is in flux and there is little support out there - so the designers, as a collective are changing the way young designers reach their customers, they understand the importance of their consumers and the need to create not only a product that they want to buy but a brand and experience that they will want to be a part of

The collective is called LDC (London Designers Collective), born from the young brands desire to harness their collective power to reach their customers directly, converse with them and learn from them

From February 17th to February 21st, across the official London Fashion Week calendar, The LDC opens it's doors to press and public alike to experience an exclusive London Fashion Week Event. A coming together of like minded brands sell their products and present new collections, giving you exclusive access to the latest fashions and lifestyle in an experience led, co-curated pop up shop in the heart of London's West End



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