Finding Home
8 Wednesday 8th March

Finding Home

Stratford Circus Arts Centre

Theatre Square, Stratford, London, E15 1BX

Price: £13 - £15
Time: 7pm

Along cycle paths, alleyways and canals of London comes a story that maps a journey from a seaside town, to the tenements of city life as a 20-something.

Writer and performer Cecilia Knapp’s debut piece is about growing up, about a childhood in make-shift dens, about drinking wine, love and one night stands. But it’s mainly about losing her brother Leo to suicide and how that affects a person.

Cecilia shines a light on how we deal with loss, how we talk about mental health, and explores what it is like to grow up amongst these things. We meet the characters that have influenced her, listen to her old cassettes, hear her story and discover how she found home amongst chaos.



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