Rckay Rax: Tera Bites!
23 Tuesday 23rd May

Rckay Rax: Tera Bites!


229 Victoria Park Road, London, E9 7HD

Price: Not available
Time: Thurs-Sat 11-6, Sun 12-5
Starts: Sat 29th Apr
Ends: Sun 18th Jun

The Residence Gallery is proud to present “TERA BITES!” the 2nd solo exhibition of London-based artist Rckay Rax. In this show Rckay addresses the human’s place in an increasingly tech orientated and dependent world.

He does not fill in the blanks.

The images, drawn by finger on the most basic of iPad sketchbook apps, resemble Victorian spirit photography and fantastical adventures in Scrying. They are at once disturbing and beautiful, profound and pathetic, silent and screaming.

Will it be dream or nightmare. Torture or solace.

Rckay presents snapshots retrieved from a somnambulant insomniac examination and expansion upon his obsessive themes: technology and primitivism; futurism and transformation; choice, manipulation and totalitarianism; sexuality, aesthetics and morality; contradiction and juxtaposition.

Self sacrifice and Vampirism.
The speed (or not) of life.

Rckay’s influences include the visual style of Caravaggio, the 'noir' lighting techniques invented by Val Lewton (Dir Cat People, 1942), and the fragmented narrative technique of WS Burroughs.

These things are happening in the dark when you aren't looking;
in the depths of yr dead monitor.




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