Introduction to Yoni steaming and Womb health | 2
24 Friday 24th March

Introduction to Yoni steaming and Womb health | 2

Ankh Wellbeing Centre

10 Adelaide Grove, Shepherd's Bush, London, W12 0JJ

Price: £10
Time: 7pm - 10pm

It’s time to rediscover your feminine power, your health and learn to love yourself again.

In this fun and interactive event you'll be taken through the in's and out's of Yoni steaming - the what, who, where and why.

"Wait, what is Yoni ....?" I hear you say

Yoni is Sanskrit for sacred temple/place of birth/origin.....the ancient Hindu's believe that our wombs are sacred portals that all life travels through, cool right?

"Oh okay so...hold up! You want me to steam my Yoni?!" you now shriek.....

Keep calm and carry on reading....
This isn’t a fad or an extravagant spa treatment. It’s that weird thing we all heard about Gwyneth Paltrow and that Kardashian sister doing! Plus it's a time-tested healing experience that helps you to relax and get back to yourself. It’s a chance for women to rediscover the balance within and give our wombs the love and care that befits the beautiful, sacred source of our femininity.
Yoni steaming is also about giving women the chance to take back control of our personal health. This event is the perfect opportunity to learn about this amazing health ritual that uses the power of nature to heal, as well as ask any questions to have so get ready! You'll be surrounded by the safety and comfort of women and girls only so unleash: no question is too big or small!

There'll be a mini interactive workshop on movements for better womb health, a short talk on herbal steams, fibroids and a chance to network with like-minded women. No longer will we have to talk in secret with shame about something so beautiful: our Yoni which is indeed sacred and our menstrual cycles so get ready! Queens, it's time to reclaim your throne.

The Mama Luna seat will be available for purchase at these events so bring your card, cash or order online for collection.



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