Shaefri 'Cracks EP' Live with J. Harvey Jones & Tay Salem
6 Thursday 6th April

Shaefri 'Cracks EP' Live with J. Harvey Jones & Tay Salem

Notting Hill Arts Club

21 Notting Hill Gate, London, London, W11 3JQ

Price: £5
Time: 19:00-22:00

Off The Record Presents:

London-based, electronic pop artist Shaefri headlines Notting Hill Arts Club on 6th April, in celebration of the release of new EP 'Cracks'. A unique combination of influences derived from her mixed Irish-Egyptian heritage as well as experiences in the capital city's concrete jungle, 'Cracks' finds Shaefri exploring the duality of light in darkness.

"All of the tracks talk about the tension of relationships," explains Shaefri. "They all reveal the cracks within a person - myself, an imperfect lover, a friend, someone to whom I gave too much, or someone who wouldn’t love back. Cracks - we all experience them, but they let you see the light too. This EP is about embracing the light through the cracks, seeing your way with it more clearly."

Shaefri is joined live by producers, J Harvey Jones and supported by Tay Salem.

Shaefri & J. Harvey Jones

Tay Salem



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