11 Thursday 11th May


Royal Festival Hall

Belvedere Road, London, SE1 8XX

Price: £12-£18
Time: 19:30
Starts: Tue 9th May
Ends: Sat 13th May

Olivier award-winning writer and performer Christopher Green presents the world premiere of ‘Prurience’, an experiential theatre piece where audiences are invited to attend a self-help group for those addicted to pornography with the action taking place around the audience – participation optional! The new production debuts at the Royal Festival Hall Blue Room from 9th to 13th May then again from 18th – 30th July.

‘Prurience’ is about sex and pornography but more than that it’s about the modern intimate landscape that we all have no choice but to inhabit. Who is the performer and who is the audience? Who has the problem and who is just there to watch? This piece asks “aren’t we all implicated? Aren’t we all tasked to find a solution?” This is a deft, skillful, entertaining and challenging piece of immersive performance from innovator Christopher Green the creator of Office Party, VIP, The Dresser and The Frozen Scream (co-written with Sarah Walters). ‘Prurience’ was developed whilst Christopher was on attachment to The National Theatre in London and is now supported by The Wellcome Trust.

WRITER, CO-DIRECTOR - CHRISTOPHER GREEN: is an entertainer, artist and writer. He is perhaps best known for his comedy characters Tina C, Ida Barr and Jedd O’Sullivan. Christopher makes comedy and drama pieces regularly for BBC Radio 4, including 5 series of Tina C. “Part politician, part shaman, part sociologist, part healer, but you’ll happily only focus on the fact that he’s an entertainer.” The Guardian. He recently published his book ‘Overpowered: The Science & Showbiz of Hypnosis’ and is a trained hypnotherapist reinventing the stage hypnotism routine in his theatre show ‘The Singing Hypnotist’. His most recently wrote a drama for Radio 4 ‘The Experience of Love in May’, a five part series exploring queer history in the late 20th Century, which is also being developed for television. He scripts campaigning viral videos for various organizations, specialising in bringing entertainment to science communication. He is developing a major entertainment historical costume drama series for an international broadcaster. His works in development include the large-scale immersive show, The Home, in association with Entelechy and The Black Sheep of the Family about Music Hall singer Fred Barnes, in association with Wilton’s Music Hall. Christopher is an Artistic Associate of Wilton’s Music Hall, Duckie, Entelechy Theatre Company, and Creative Cowboy Films (Aus).

PRODUCER - SALLY ROSE: Sally is an experienced arts manager and has been an independent producer since 2013. She works with artists: Christopher Green, Rosana Cade, Sheila Ghelani, Dickie Beau, Abigail Conway, Vincent Gambini, Laura Dannequin and Eugénie Pastor. In the performance and events fields she has worked with Duckie, the Wellcome Collection, SPILL Festival of Performance, and Battersea Arts Centre. Previously she worked for Pacitti Company, where she was the SPILL National Platform project manager for several years. Sally was a resident producer at the Live Art Development Agency between 2014-2016. She has experience of supporting a real range of artists work, which often crosses boundaries and disciplines, sits outside of the mainstream and is risk taking. Sally and Christopher have worked together on the development of Prurience and also There Will Be Fun at the British Library.

CO-DIRECTOR – HOLLY RACE ROUGHAN: trained in theatre directing at Birkbeck College. She is Associate Director on Headlong's People, Places and
Things. As a director her credits include Best Served Cold at the Vaults Festival; A First World Problem at Theatre 503; The Low Road at Central School of Speech & Drama and Eye of a Needle at Southwark Playhouse. Holly also directs in prison, most recently the film The 360° Man at HMP Springhill and Blood & Water at HMP Springhill & the Royal Court.



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