Chasing Rainbows - Colin Halliday
5 Friday 5th May

Chasing Rainbows - Colin Halliday

GX Gallery

43 Denmark Hill, London, London, SE5 8RS

Price: Free
Time: Monday – Saturday; 9:30am – 6:00pm
Starts: Tue 2nd May
Ends: Fri 26th May

GX Gallery is pleased to present Chasing Rainbows, a new series of en plein-air paintings by Colin Halliday.
Chasing Rainbows is a celebration of nature, reminding us of the simple and timeless beauty of landscape. Halliday focuses on capturing intimate landscapes that could be found anywhere and which we can all relate to.
‘There are no places of major significance rather a celebration of what is around us all, Nature, a pure visual, sensational and emotive pleasure.’
- Colin Halliday, 2017
Most of the paintings were produced outside in one sitting, using a rapid ‘wet-on-wet’ or alla prima technique. In the new series, Halliday has reincorporated paintbrushes back into his work, alongside the use of a palette knife, and extended his colour palette, creating greater contrast and complexity to the surface texture. His work continues to be influenced by John constable, Paul Nash and john Sergeant.



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