MasterChef Experience, Interactive Cooking & Dining
9 Thursday 9th November

MasterChef Experience, Interactive Cooking & Dining


2 St Bride Street, London, London, EC4A 4AD

Price: £145.00
Time: Every other Friday
Starts: Fri 20th Oct
Ends: Fri 15th Dec

A social occasion, where guests take part in the preparation and cooking of MasterChef inspired dishes, alongside a MasterChef Champion or Finalist, and our professional Aveqia chefs. Followed by the best bit – the dining – enjoying each course, complemented by a carefully paired wine.

- On arrival, you will be greeted by your host with a glass of sparkling wine, where you will be introduced to your MasterChef contestant, who will host the interactive cooking and dining experience.

-A little socialising (and a few more glasses of bubbly) and you’ll hear about the evening ahead from the MasterChef contestant.

- Having donned aprons, in preparation for the cooking, you will have the opportunity to hear about the personal experiences of the MasterChef in a brief Q&A.

- The MasterChef contestant will then give a brief introduction to the menu that you and your guests will be cooking together during the evening. You will then be split into teams to prepare a course each.

- Once guests gather at the cooking stations the MasterChef contestant and our Aveqia chefs will provide an overview of each dish, so you can visualise the plate you will be preparing and cooking for dinner.

- Let the cooking begin! During the course of one hour, you will get to cook with the MasterChef contestant, supported by the Aveqia chefs, getting tips and enjoying a social cooking experience.

- It’s finally time to dine. You and your fellow guests, directed by the MasterChef contestant and Aveqia chefs, will plate up the first course ready for service to all guests. Don’t worry you won’t need to clear the plates!

- The MasterChef contestant leading each dish will introduce a paired wine carefully selected for each dish.

- During coffee / tea and a digestive the MasterChef contestant will provide a roundup of the session and will announce the exciting results for the winning team for the best tasting and best presented dish.

- You’ll then get to finish the evening with drinks in the bar and some more socialising.

- The overall time of the event will last approximately three and a half hours.

After the event, our team will forward you the menu, recipes and wine notes from the evening. We invite you to take plenty of pictures throughout for social media and if you tag Aveqia London we’ll be reposting the best from the night.

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