Gallery Delarue Presents: 'Bob & I' by Esther Anderson
21 Saturday 21st October

Gallery Delarue Presents: 'Bob & I' by Esther Anderson

The Hospital Club

24 Endell Street, London, London, WC2H 9HQ

Price: Not available
Time: Doors open 3pm
Starts: Sat 21st Oct
Ends: Sun 22nd Oct

“You can’t leave me, my music will follow you everywhere” – Bob Marley to
Esther Anderson

In celebration of Black History Month, Gallery Delarue* is delighted to present an exhibition of photography by Jamaican actress, awards winning filmmaker, photographer and activist, Esther Anderson. Delve through the lens of Esther Anderson and into the intimate life of Bob Marley. The man named by Time magazine and the BBC as the “Artist of the Century”.  

Esther Anderson reveals an up close and personal window into the life of Bob Marley through thousands of brilliant, grainy photography of the Jamaican reggae icon shot in 1973. The series of photographs illustrates Marley’s emergence and transition between a street poet and a political rebel. A rare glimpse of his life before he evolved into the Rastafarian that he would fully become. Alluringly, Bob, Wailers and Reggae music was still unbeknown to the world. Esther is responsible for some of the most Iconic shots of Bob and the Wailers.

“My work is not pandering to those who know Bob Marley as a music icon. My photographs reveal Marley beyond the bounds of a musician, as the messenger who could reach out to a global audience, a poet of past and future.”  - Esther Anderson 

In parallel with her photography and work with Island Records, Esther Anderson steadily developed a career as an actress. Securing roles in a number of early 1960s British television shows and Hollywood films as well as Staring lead in Sidney Poitier’s A Warm December.

*Gallery Delarue (meaning The Gallery of Street) is an online gallery that celebrates street culture and its artists by sharing the work of their favourite artists via social media. Founded by Pierre Joe Bekrou, Ayoola Lawal and Arnold Soazandry, three French admirers of street art and urban culture - whether it's fashion, music or even philosophy.

This exhibition will be open from the 21st – 22nd October at the Hospital Club (24 Endell Street London WC2H 9HQ) during Black History month to celebrate the achievement of Esther Anderson, a true Icon of our times.

‘Bob & I’ Opening Ceremony will be hosted in the Oak Room of the Hospital Club as we invite you for a night of live music and tribute songs to Bob Marley and the Wailers played by Robbie Maddix (Stone Roses), Andre “Melody” Palmer and Liv Soul.



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