Meet the Art World Experts
29 Monday 29th January

Meet the Art World Experts

Hotel Elephant

1-5 Spare Street, London, SE17 3EP

Price: GBP 35 - GBP 65
Time: 5:45 pm - 9:00 pm

Artists and Emerging Art Dealers: Are you in need of career advice that's tailored to YOU?
Then this is the perfect professional development workshop.

Join this evening event in London to get feedback and insight from art world experts on a one-to-one basis, in addition to participating in roundtable conversations facilitated by industry specialists.

Advisers include art dealers and agents, independent curators, artists, tech gurus, journalists, fundraisers and others.

"The experts that I had 1-2-1 sessions with were absolutely amazing and gave me so much confidence and motivation. I would recommend getting involved with Be Smart About Art to anyone." Emily Jane Campbell, oil and mixed media artist (

Confirmed Advisers (to date) – more advisers and bios to be announced on the Be Smart About Art website and social media:

Maria Stenfors, Art Consultant & Curator;
Marine Tanguy, Artist Agent;
Sylvie Gormezano, Independent Curator;
Hazel Reeves, Artist;
Tim Benson, Artist;
Modern Eccentrics (Jonathan Dredge & Ross Belton aka @spottedhyenas), Artist Duo;
Kane Moore, Fundraiser;
Tamara Gal-On, Business Coach for Creatives;
Deborah Henry-Pollard, Business Coach for Creatives;
Chris King, Photographer;
Kate O'Neill, Photography Mentor + Networking;
Anna McNay, Journalist;

Note that one-to-one bookings are limited in number as each adviser can only do so many one-to-one sessions!

You have three attendance options:

Have two x 121 sessions (20 min each) and attend 4 x roundtable sessions (20 min each) at £55 for BSAA Members and £65 for non-members;
Have one x 121 session (20 min) and attend 5 x roundtable sessions (20 min each) at £45 for BSAA Members and £55 for non-members;
Attend 6 x roundtable sessions (20 min each) at £35 for BSAA Members and £45 for non-members.

The event will be emceed by BSAA Founder Susan Mumford.

Bookings of one-to-one sessions will open on 2 November 2017, on a first-come-first-served basis. Get your ticket to attend via the Eventbrite booking form now to secure your place.

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Artists / Speakers: Maria Stenfors, Marine Tanguy, Sylvie Gormezano, Hazel Reeves, Tim Benson, Modern Eccentrics, Jonathan Dredge, Ross Belton, Spottedhyenas, Kane Moore, Tamara Gal-On, Deborah Henry-Pollard, Chris King, Kate O'Neill, Anna McNay, Cloe Barrett.

Price Details:
Two x 1-2-1 sessions + 4 roundtable sessions (Non-Member): GBP 65,
One x 121 session + 5 roundtable sessions (Non-Member): GBP 55,
Six x roundtable sessions (Non-Member): GBP 45,
Two x 121 sessions + 4 roundtable sessions (BSAA Member): GBP 55,
One x 121 session + 5 roundtable sessions (BSAA Member): GBP 45,
Six x roundtable sessions (BSAA Member): GBP 35.



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