Becoming Shades
24 Wednesday 24th January

Becoming Shades

Vault Festival

Leake St, Waterloo, London, SE1 7NN

Price: £22.50
Time: 9.30pm
Starts: Wed 24th Jan
Ends: Sun 18th Mar

Chivaree Circus return to VAULT Festival with a brand new and extended version of Becoming Shades, taking audiences on an immersive underworld journey in the long dark tunnels of Waterloo’s Vaults.

Based on the classical myth of Persephone, Becoming Shades is a bold re-imagining that fuses together live music, physical theatre, aerial acrobatics, fire, dance and mime. Journey down the River Styx and join these lost souls in the underworld.

In the original myth Hades kidnapped Persephone but this radical re-telling will subvert the power structure placing Persephone in control, at the centre of the story, leading to her true realisation as The Queen of Shades. Told through contemporary circus, Becoming Shades is a story of empowerment, love and choice.

This dark immersive circus places emphasis on specially composed original music which features rich interplays of vocal harmonies and a combination of live acoustic instruments alongside darker electronic sounds.

Producers of Becoming Shades comment, In 2018, the modern form of circus will celebrate its 250th birthday. In order to survive and reach out to new audiences, circus became more fragmented and more specialised. Contemporary circus was born out of a paradigm shift and a burst of newfound energy. We want to push this further in Becoming Shades. A traditional circus audience sits in a circular space with the performers at the centre. In immersive theatre the audience is in the centre and the action all around them. But if this is to become a fully tangible, immersive and interactive experience, then the action must happen closer, and on a smaller scale.

The production is raw, exciting and full of energy. Emotionally charged performances coupled with highly skilled stunts and acrobatics result in a production that is true to the essence of the underlying myth (London Theatre 1).

This shifting, cyclical tale creates an emotional tapestry of ideas and impressions. Featuring big aerial drops and exceptional fire elements, audiences choose their own path through this dark and cerebral journey.



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