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Happy Warriors
22 Sunday 22nd April

Happy Warriors

Upstairs at the Gatehouse

Highgate Village, Highgate, London, N6 4BD

Price: 10-24
Time: 7.30pm / 4pm on Sundays
Starts: Wed 28th Mar
Ends: Sun 22nd Apr

A new play, ‘Happy Warriors’, written by 91-year old James Hugh Macdonald, makes its worldwide premiere Upstairs at the Gatehouse Theatre in Highgate from 28th March – 22nd April. WT Stage, the producers, wanted to buck the trend of young writers giving a veteran his chance to have his script come to life on stage!

Happy Warriors is set in a war zone and based on a true story. Winston Churchill, up to his eyes in WW2, sends his son Randolph Churchill to Yugoslavia to join a mission to aid Tito by supplying arms to him and his army of partisans to help rid the country of the occupying German forces. Randolph, renowned for being egotistical, requests a companion of equal intellectual standing is sent to join him - preferably Evelyn Waugh. Back in England, Captain Waugh is waiting for a new posting. After much deliberation, he finally agrees to join Randolph.

Along with Randolph and Evelyn, who are billeted in a small deserted farmhouse, is Zora Panic, a young, belligerent, university-educated partisan. Zora is far from thrilled when told by her guerrilla commander she must learn to be less arrogant ahead of joining her comrades in the battle against the German army. In addition, she was told that her employment in the menial position of cook/housekeeper to the two Englishmen must be endured. Zora takes out her indignation, frustration and anger on the two men. What could possibly go right?



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