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GUY: A New Musical
15 Friday 15th June

GUY: A New Musical

The Bunker

53a Southwark Street, London, London, SE1 1RU

Price: £15 (£12); U30s, £10
Time: 8:30pm
Starts: Wed 13th Jun
Ends: Sat 7th Jul

Guy, a shy and overweight millennial, is failing in the departments of mates and dates and fun - dating apps can be cruel if you don’t look like a model. When he’s ghosted by his Romeo, he tries to follow the latest 11-step listicle to get noticed: diets, exercise regimes, and a new wardrobe... but can he resist the temptation of being someone else when the chance is literally at his fingertips?

Starring The X-Factor finalist Seann Miley Moore, GUY: A New Musical is a game-changing gay rom-com for the 2010s. The remaining exciting cast are: Adam Braidley, Brendan Matthew and Steve Banks. With nakedly honest characters, GUY is an unapologetically moving portrayal of the hook-ups and downs of 21st-century dating and a thought-provoking glimpse behind the veil of modern masculinity, male beauty standards, and unspoken prejudices within marginal communities. Tied together with a pioneering and infectiously catchy electronic score, GUY channels floor-filling EDM anthems, indie electronica, queer hip-hop, and PC Music with the lyrical charm of Sondheim, and the earworm melodies of Schwartz.

GUY: A New Musical will be playing on Wednesdays and Saturdays as part of The Bunker’s Breaking Out Festival.



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