26 Monday 26th November


Soho Theatre

21 Dean Street, London, London, W1D 3NE

Price: From £11
Time: 7.15pm
Starts: Tue 13th Nov
Ends: Sat 8th Dec

Directed by Debbie Hannan (Things of Dry Hours, Young Vic; The Session, Soho Theatre; Who Cares, Royal Court), Cuckoo is from the distinctive new comic voice of debut playwright Lisa Carroll. Exploring gender identity, Carroll also dissects the true cost of belonging and reflects on how hard it is to break away from the place you grew up.

Everyone hates Iona. Everyone except Pingu. Sick of ceaseless bullying and despair, Iona and Pingu decide to get the fuck out of claustrophobic Crumlin, a small Dublin suburb. Who would have thought emigrating was such a great way to get noticed by the cool kids? Loving the attention, Iona is drunk on her new-found popularity until she discovers she’s messed with the wrong crowd. When reputation must be defended tooth and nail, this can only end in disaster.



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