Super Duper Close Up
17 Saturday 17th November

Super Duper Close Up

The Yard Theatre

Unit 2a, Queens Yard, White Post Lane, London, E9 5EN

Price: From £15
Time: 8pm
Starts: Tue 13th Nov
Ends: Sat 24th Nov

Super Duper Close Up is the ambitious and adventurous new multimedia show from acclaimed UK company Made In China that will premiere at The Yard Theatre this winter. An explosion of live film-making, hypnotic movement and memoir fiction, Super Duper Close Up is the story of a woman’s journey through a labyrinth of click-bait and pop cliché that asks: what’s a girl to do when everything is so perfect yet coming apart at the seams?

Using a green screen to create each shot, an epic movie is filmed live every night by a camera operator on stage. As an unsettlingly ordinary woman’s monologue of intensely everyday anxiety unfolds, dewy-eyed close-ups in exotic locations are projected via live-feed. The airbrushed online world snags against the mess of reality as the different strands of film and text, of on-stage action and green-screen creations, comically and unnervingly swerve away from and into each other. With Made In China’s hallmark barbed wit and looping narratives, Super Duper Close Up is a surreal and cinematic odyssey drenched in the fake light of a thousand insta-filters.



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