Sam. The Good Person
19 Saturday 19th January

Sam. The Good Person

The Bunker

53a Southwark Street, London, London, SE1 1RU

Price: £10-£16
Time: 19:30 (15:00 Saturday matinee)
Starts: Tue 15th Jan
Ends: Sat 19th Jan

Sam is a good person.

But what makes someone a good person?
How far would you go to convince others you are?

When your mind can’t differentiate between the truth and a lie, facts becomes irrelevant and the only thing that matters is the story you are telling.

Whatever the cost.

'Sam. The Good Person' is a startling black comedy that examines just how easy it is for a lie to spiral out of control and change your life forever.

Theatre company Off The Middle mark the start of the new year with this new play, following the acclaimed five-star success of previous productions, 'In Other Words', 'Lead Suspect' and 'Medicine'.

'Sam. The Good Person' is the first play from award-winning actor and writer Declan Perring, who also stars. The story follows the travails of compulsive liar Sam as reality and self-constructed fiction collide, spiralling out of control to disastrous effect.



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