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Whether you have dry acne prone skin, oily acne prone skin, or anything in between (acne comes in all shapes and sizes), everyone needs a good moisturiser to keep their skin hydrated and looking fresh. But with so many different products available, choosing the right one can sometimes be tricky. The number one rule? Know your skin type!

Normal skin. Typically you have good circulation and do not over-produce oil. Your skin is soft and smooth, with an even tone. Lucky you!

Sensitive skin. Your skin is easily irritated by products or makeup and can sometimes become inflamed. You may suffer from allergies or eczema.

Dry skin. You produce a low level of oil resulting in dry or flaky skin which often feels tight.

Combination skin. You produce oil mainly around the T-zone (the nose and forehead).

Oily skin. You produce too much oil, mainly on the cheeks, nose and forehead. You may have overactive sebaceous (oil-producing) glands.

But remember, moisturising alone wont help you to achieve flawless looking skin. Equally as important is what you put into your body. Drinking the daily recommended amount of water (3.7 litres) will not only keep your body hydrated, but also work wonders for your skin. A heathy diet rich in vitamin C, fresh fruit, whole grains and vegetables will nourish the skin from inside out.

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