Sharmanka Travelling Circus
7 Thursday 7th March

Sharmanka Travelling Circus

Victoria Art Gallery

Bridge Street, Bath, London, BA2 4AT

Price: Adult - GBP 5.00.
Time: 10:30 am - 5:00 pm.
Starts: Sat 23rd Feb
Ends: Tue 7th May

Sharmanka, from the Russian for barrel organ, is a performing mechanical theatre sure to delight young and old.

Sound and movement combine with striking images to make for a humorous and at times macabre experience.

The works incorporate pieces of old furniture, metal scrap and grotesque carved figures. In Swinging Big Ben Time is moved on, cheekily and cheerily, by a host of industrious creatures.

In The Eternal Triangle of Love Harlequin and Pierotte have competed for the love of Columbine so long they have not noticed her transformation into the figure of Death. Performances every hour and last 20 minutes.

Category: Arts | Visual Arts.

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