Hideaway Presents Local Live
24 Friday 24th May

Hideaway Presents Local Live

Hideaway Jazz Club

2 Empire Mews, Stanthorpe Road, London, SW16 2BF

Price: Standard: GBP 6.50
Time: 19:00 - 23:30

Tickets are £5 between 7pm - 8pm. Tickets are £6.50 after 8pm *CASH ONLY*.

SCUD FM: "Music for people lost in the system, locked in the mode of production of passivity and consumer culture. We also hate golf and flip flops."
South London 6 piece featuring Streatham's own Zsa Zsa Sapien (Meatraffle), Gavin Mysterion, Madame HiFi, Sadam Wifi, Dan and Trixie. Debut LP with production overseen by members of the Fat White Family due for 2019 release.

SLEAZE: "SLEAZE is the brainchild and long term project of Camberwell survivor Dave Ashby." A ballistic live band also featuring Bede Trillo (Phobophobes) and Sadam Wifi (Scud FM, Fat White Family) among other beautiful sleazy cohorts. See them, hear them and believe them!

MISTY MILLER: Vibes of life, love, heartache and happiness - sometimes even in the same song - Misty Miller has silenced crowds all over London with her solo songstress brilliance.

MeU: Amazing collective fronted by the Godfather of the South London music circuit Mr Patrick Lyons, interweaving melody and poetry into a seamless social narrative. New LP of Americana sounds "Blue Temper" is due very soon for release on Pink Handkerchiefs Records.

The evening will be glued together with a 45rpm vinyl DJ set by:

ODETTE MYSTERION: Odette Mysterion (Mysterion Art Factory) has played her 45rpm record DJ sets all over London from The Windmill and Deli Lama to Brixton's Pure Vinyl covering all the greatest music moments from the minute Elvis stopped driving trucks to moment Goat Girl started singing backwards.




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