Yoga Teacher Training in Gurgaon in September 2019
10 Monday 10th June

Yoga Teacher Training in Gurgaon in September 2019


DLF Phase 5, D – 14/1 Exclusive Floor Near Lancer School and DLF 5 Club Sector 53, Gurgaon 122009, London, 122009

Price: 850
Starts: Mon 29th Apr
Ends: Sun 15th Dec

Cities have become rush-dominated and life is getting filled with lots of limitations. Citizens of Delhi NCR who wish to attend a Yoga program hardly get time to go to places like Rishikesh and Kerala. Keeping in mind the aspirations of the NCR people, AumYogaShala presents Yoga teacher training in Gurgaon. Without leaving your current job and compromising with the financial circumstance, get a chance to become a Yoga teacher. During the program in September, learn many more beautiful things about Yoga along with furnishing your personality as a yogi. Give your spiritual ambition a yogic wing here at AumYogaShala’s Yoga center in Gurgaon.

Event Description: AumYogaShala is conducting Yoga teacher training for those aspiring souls, who want to become a certified Yoga teacher in Gurgaon. The program is also an opportunity to go deeper into the philosophy of Yoga. After successful completion of the training, aspirants are offered with a RYT certificate.

Event Highlights:
● Traditional knowledge of Yoga with major focus on Hatha Yoga and its various forms.
● Getting acquainted with Surya Namaskar and many other yogic postures.
● Practice and training of all basic and intermediate level of Yoga poses in a perfect way.
● Education of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and its primary series.
● Philosophical study of Yoga while studying various yogic texts such as Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, etc.
● Pranayama and breathing-based training of Yoga for inner wellness.
● Education of Mantra Yoga and other ways of attaining spiritual wisdom.
● The art of connecting the mind, body, and soul in the spiritual way with the mindful practice of Meditation.
● Introduction to various types of Yoga- Raja Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Karma Yoga, etc.
● Training of Adjustment and Alignment for bringing perfection to the practice.
● Basic education of the Chakras and Bandhas.
● Teaching Methodology classes to learn how to manage a Yoga class and interact with the students in the class.
● Interaction with teachers regarding the Yoga practice and personal life.

Fee Details: The Yoga TTC cost for Indian Certificate is INR 40,000 and for Yoga Alliance USA is INR 60,000 (or USD 850).
To know more about the courses, kindly visit our website:
We are available 24/7 on and +91 9999710033

About AumYogaShala: One of the reputed Yoga houses in Delhi NCR, AumYogaShala has become a trusted name in the Yoga community. Thanks to its team of highly qualified yogis and spiritualists, the Yoga school is a major center of yogic learning in the region. The YogaShala is a great believer in Mantra Yoga. The team is of the opinion that mantra chanting is a great way to harmonize one’s soul. The Yoga center organizes several events including Yoga TTC, Corporate Yoga classes, workshops, etc. With these authentic programs, AumYogaShala aims to create a yogic atmosphere where each and every individual lives with consonance.



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