Osho Meditation Training
24 Friday 24th May

Osho Meditation Training

Mimamsa Yogshala

Yoga Villa, Yoga Village Jonk, Ram Jhula, Swarg Ashram, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand INDIA., London, 249304

Price: 1000
Starts: Wed 1st May
Ends: Fri 31st May

Meditation is an art of being silent that cannot be attained overnight. An individual who wants to be a pro in meditation needs to understand that one cannot learn all the ropes of meditation at one go. In order to be a master of the game they need to let go of the stress and worries inside their body and free their mind. If someone is on the quest to attain nirvana and moksha , then meditating is the best bet they have.

What is Meditation?
The art of sitting silently when your mind is free from worldly stress and worries and is in a blank state is when one is meditation. Meditation is a mode to connect with one’s inner self and saying good bye to all the negativity, sadness, stress and unpleasant thoughts in our mind . It sounds simple on pen and paper but in reality it takes a lot of effort for people to actually attain this state when the mind is absolutely blank and thinks nothing.

This is the reason why people are opting meditation training. They realize that they need some help and guidance when it comes to meditating and only a few trained people can aid them in so.
Mimamsa Yogshala- the pioneer in Meditation training
Seeing the need and importance of proper meditation training, Mr Manoj Rawat the founder of Mimamsa Yogshala founded this meditation training platform. This is the number one registered yoga school based out of Rishikesh. Such is the popularity of this yoga and meditation training centre that they also have a branch in China.

In the last couple of years Mimamsa yogshala has spread its wings and become a pioneer in the field of yoga and meditation training. They are known to have the best in the world teachers and philosophers to guide and teach the students. They are also known to introduce new Concepts to the students like Osho Meditation.
What is meant by Osho Meditation?
The mantra behind Osho Meditation are 4 simple words – Breathe ! Release ! Mantra ! Observe !
The whole philosophy and rules in regards to Osho Meditation encompasses these 4 words. The process starts with silently sitting , breathing in pure and clean air, let go of all negative emotions bottles up inside us , chant the mantras and cleanse the body and soul. The last step is to sit back and observe the change that the body and soul will feel after the entire meditation process is completed.
This meditation is hugely popular and beneficial as it has been designed by Osho himself also the process teaches one to observe and appreciate the changes in their mind and body.
Services Offered by Mimamsa Yogshala :
There are various kinds of Osho Meditation services offered by Mimamsa Yogshala.
They teach various unique kinds of meditations like
- Dynamic Meditation
- Kundalini Meditation
- OM Meditation
- No Dimension Meditation
- Nada Brahmin Meditation
- Gibberish Meditation
- Chakra Meditation
- Sound Meditation with Chakras
- OMKAR Meditation
- Mandala Dhyan Meditation

There are various Meditation teacher training courses that they offer to their students. Many of them are residential courses where one needs to stay in Rishikesh and eat Satvik meals while being trained. They also hold much sought after 100 hours Yoga teacher training course and 200 hours yoga teacher training course.




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