Are There Female Gorillas?
31 Friday 31st May

Are There Female Gorillas?

Camden People's Theatre

58-60 Hampstead Road, London, NW1 2PY

Price: £12 (£10 Conc)
Time: 7.15 pm
Starts: Fri 31st May
Ends: Sat 1st Jun

Male gorillas are called “Silverbacks”. Female gorillas have no name. Female gorillas… Female gorillas have less facts about them on google because no one seems to study them as much as the males.

Meet Girl & Gorilla, handcuffed in a world of patriarchal gaze. Girl is shaved, Gorilla is hairy. This is a problem. One they can’t solve easily.

Girl & Gorilla have been together forever, but hairiness has become a fundamental issue. Where once existed friendship, now antagonism rules. Girl is compulsive about removing all traces of hair – an impossible task when handcuffed to Gorilla. The key disappeared long ago. They are unavoidably stuck together. How do they co-exist, and is this the day that will change everything?

Blending absurdist comedy, spoken word, games, gorilla facts and new writing, brand new theatre collective Klein Blue bring this hugely popular show to CPT, interrogating the taboo of female hairiness.

“Clown-like playfulness and infectious energy” – ★★★★ SpyInTheStalls

“Writing is slick…sizzles with energy and is a relevant, punchy piece” – ★★★★ Underdog

About the company
Klein Blue is a collective of theatre-makers, making work that is visual and visceral, that blends theatrical forms, that provokes debate. Sophie, spoken word artist, writer [Theatre503, HighTide Academy] and actor [BBC, West End], and Grace, theatre-maker [CPT, Ugly Duck, Toynbee Studios, Hackney Attic], collaborate on this exciting piece.



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