After The Burial at Boston Music Room
7 Wednesday 7th August

After The Burial at Boston Music Room

Boston Music Room

178 Junction Rd, London, London, N19 5QQ

Price: General Admission: GBP 14.00
Time: 19:00 - 23:00

Born Again Concerts proudly presents:
After The Burial
plus From Sorrow To Serenity and GHOST IRIS

Doors - 7:00pm // Price - £14.00 adv.
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After The Burial -
"Behold The Crown" -

Tragedy can induce strength. It increases the need for fortitude among individuals and friends alike. It changes everything.

In the midst of recording their fifth full-length album Dig Deep [Sumerian Records], After The Burial faced the shocking suicide of guitarist and founding member Justin Lowe in July 2015. The Minneapolis metal band-Anthony Notarmaso [vocals], Trent Hafdahl [lead guitar, clean vocals], Lerichard "Lee" Foral [bass], Dan Carle [drums]-felt understandably shaken to the core almost to the point of breaking.

"We coped as well as we could have-we still are," admits Anthony. "Losing someone isn't easy, and we all dealt with it in our own way. I was angry and sad at the same time. I didn't know how to feel, and it took time to accept that he really was gone. After the dust settled, we got on the phone to see where we stood. To be honest, we thought about giving up. We asked ourselves if it was right to go on without him, or maybe if it was time to start a new band together. In the end, we felt like we couldn't let what beat him beat us. That would've been even more tragic, and we felt like he wouldn't have wanted us to stop. I know I wouldn't have."




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