Look up! Hidden gems in the West End
22 Saturday 22nd June

Look up! Hidden gems in the West End

Green Park Station

Green Park Station, Piccadily, London, London, W1J 9DZ

Price: Tickets: £5 (Booking necessary- 15 places available)
Time: 11:00 - 12:30

London’s West End will host a series of events during The London Festival of Architecture for the month of June (1st June – 30th June). Representing St James’s, Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square, this year Heart of London debuts as a designated Festival hub.
From private walking tours, panel-led debates, talks and installations, there is a diverse and exciting schedule of events exploring the 2019 theme of ‘Boundaries’ in the area.

How often do we rush down well-known streets without looking up? This walk will explore the hidden architectural details that we only see if we pause and raise our gaze. Join a walk along some of London’s most famous streets, spotting details you’ve never noticed before. From powerful family crests to secret symbols and stories of one and despair, Look Up London will reveal the fascinating stories hiding above our eyeline.
All ticket sales will be donated to The Connection at St Martin’s in support of homelessness.




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