E1 Invites: Zeitgeber All Night Long (Speedy J & Lucy)
26 Monday 26th August

E1 Invites: Zeitgeber All Night Long (Speedy J & Lucy)


110 Pennington Street, Wapping, London, E1W 2BB

Price: £10
Time: 23.00 - 06.00
Starts: Sun 25th Aug
Ends: Mon 26th Aug

With its bespoke Funktion-One sound system, which features London’s only ‘Wall of Sound’, E1 are excited to invite one of the techno genres finest projects: Zeitgeber, the collaborative effort of Lucy and Speedy J, for a debut all night long set in the capital.

The project sees two label bosses combine their expertise, to create a duo whose roots are entrenched in club culture, but whose ethos goes far further than simply sticking to its origins. Dynamic productions combine with DJ sets that merge the groundbreaking talents of both artists, to create a combination that delivers on all fronts: mixing ability, track selection and, above all, a resounding sonical chemistry.

Italian-born and Berlin-based Lucy needs little introduction. Having played at E1 twice already, the Stroboscopic Artefacts boss takes no prisoners when it comes to his DJing style. As label head, producer or DJ, Lucy's passion for creative development speaks volumes about his passion for the music, as well as his desire to continually challenge and inspire his listeners. We can not wait to welcome him to our warehouse once again.

A veteran of the scene, Speedy J has been a mouthpiece for the techno genre since 1991. Responsible for spreading techno to a wider global audience after its founding in Detroit, it was in 1993 that his debut album, G Spot, went out to critical acclaim. Label head of Electric Deluxe, as well as being an esteemed producer, his productions as well as those of his imprint, consistently tug at the constraints of the techno genre. As such, to have him return to our warehouse marks a very special occasion.

This show rounds off E1’s month of techno, that sees the likes of Ellen Allien, Rebekah and Agents of Time debut in the venue in the month of August.




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