Richard Devine (Live)
6 Friday 6th September

Richard Devine (Live)


Pennington Street, London, E1W 2BB

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You would be hard pressed to find a name as intrinsically linked to modular production as Richard Devine. A musical composer, remixer and sound designer, whose presence and skill stretches far further than the art of performing. His sets have become renowned for writhing modular percussion, emphatic synth leads and glitchy, analogue driven melodies. September 6th will be a special occasion, as we prepare to welcome Devine for his debut headline London performance.

Within the electronic music sphere, one of Devine’s most impressive feats is remixing Aphex Twin’s seminal Come To Daddy. Two decades on, it remains a powerful representation of his work and showcases the talented American at his best.

His discography boasts collaborations with Matthew Herbert, STS9 and Mike Patton, alongside four full-length albums released on Schematic, Warp, Asphodel and Sublight Records. Painstakingly designed with incredible attention to detail, all are mouthpieces for the sound Devine represents.

Devine’s skill is not limited to producing, however. Composing and designing advertisements for Nike Shoe Company, while also conducting sound design for various companies including Nestle, Land Rover, and Sony, shows his career has traversed a plethora of fields and industries.

It is with great pleasure that we can welcome Richard Devine for a debut headline show on September 6th. Expect analogue sounds and glitchy modular productions, courtesy of a special live performance.

Support comes from My Panda Shall Fly, who will be providing his stunning AV show.

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