200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program in Bangalore in November 2019
25 Monday 25th November

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program in Bangalore in November 2019


Shwaasa Yoga Center, Veerashaiva Lingayat Panchamasali Jagadguru Peetha, #311,Hanagawadi Post,Shivamogga Road,Harihara-577601, London, 577601

Price: 1200 USD
Starts: Thu 7th Nov
Ends: Wed 4th Dec

This 200-hour yoga teacher training in Bangalore incorporates every possible aspect of yoga to ensure the complete holistic development of yogi. Through this yoga teacher training in India, you’ll get a chance to achieve authentic wisdom of yoga in the supervision of the master himself, Shwaasa guru - Swami Vachananand Ji. This 200-hour YTT program ensures yogic wisdom along with a little knowledge of Ayurveda.

Program description

This 200-hour yoga teacher training program focuses on physical, mental, and spiritual development through its well-designed curriculum along with yogic diet equipped with nutrients and completely vegetarian in nature. This course incorporates every aspect of traditional yoga practice - like ashtanga, Hatha, yoga philosophy, mudras, kundalini, bandhas, and many more. This program is going to be a tiny but significant step towards your yogic journey.


• Hatha yoga – learn the foundation knowledge of the most authentic form of Hatha yoga.
• Ashtanga Vinyasa flow – practice eight-limbed Ashtanga vinyasa the same as taught by K. Pattabhi Jois.
• Kundalini yoga – awaken your dormant kundalini and spirituality with regular practice.
• Pranayama – learn various yogic breathing techniques to improve the quality of the flow of prana.
• Meditation – guided meditation techniques for complete relaxation.
• Mudras and bandhas – learn the importance of mudras and bandhas in the practice of yoga.
• Yoga philosophy – dig the immense treasure of health through studying Yoga sutras, bhakti sutras and shiva sutra for developing a better understanding of yoga.
• Ishtalinga – learn to open your third eye and techniques to transport into the mystical world.
• Shat kriyas – techniques to detoxify your inner self.
• Teaching methodology – for learning the effective techniques of voice modulation and other necessary techniques for conducting a good yoga session.


Shwaasa Ashram is established in Harihara, Bangalore in the lap of nature, where birds chirping add magic in the peaceful atmosphere. Shwaasa is the vision of Swami Vachananand Ji. All the sessions are guided by Swami Ji so that the students assimilate rich and pure knowledge of yoga. The ashram is approved by the government of Karnataka.

Food and accommodation

The surroundings of the ashram ensure health and spirituality during the course duration. You’ll stay at Shwaasa ashram during your yogic journey. Rooms are hygienic, spacious, and comfortable available in sharing and private basis. The ashram like environment and minimalistic amenities make it the perfect abode to learn this ancient wisdom in the most authentic manner.
Food is completely vegetarian and enriched with vital nutrients, which are enough for nourishment. This delicate meal is cooked in Ayurveda style so that you can get maximum benefits from this meal. You’ll get meals three times a day including drinks like tea, coffee, or detox juices of your choice. You’ll get a chance to enjoy the taste of Indian cuisine.

Fee details

• Shared room – 1000 USD
• Private room – 1200 USD


• Excursion to the local places of your choice.
• Sightseeing with the group at Hampi
• Opportunity to visit Chitradurga fort.
• Extra activities and workshops.

About Shwaasa
hwaasa was established by Swami Vachananand Ji to spread love and harmony in the world through yoga. Shwaasa conducts yoga teacher training programs, yoga retreats, and various yoga therapy sessions. Shwaasa also offers deep knowledge of Ayurveda apart from training courses. You may visit their website for more information.




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