Dead Quiet
13 Sunday 13th October

Dead Quiet

Kensington Central Library

12 Phillimore Walk, Kensington, London, W8 7RX

Price: £23
Time: Friday 19:30 / Saturday 13:30
Starts: Fri 4th Oct
Ends: Sat 15th Feb

The old librarian, Gwendolyn Radcliffe, never forgot that fateful night in June 1962. Esteban Moreño’s lecture on Cuban music was poorly attended. His meagre audience was composed of herself, a young journalist, his model girlfriend, a Mathematics student and a drunken vagabond. However, the event made the news when the drunk was found dead beneath the Library less than an hour later. The police never identified him, but from then on Gwen often felt she could see the haunting shadow of a sleeping man.

Now, Gwendolyn has discovered that an undercover agent named ‘Anillo Rojo’ disappeared in London that very same night. She has hired the master of the supernatural, Jack Daw, to investigate this mystery. He is looking for bright minded people to join him and unlock the dark past of the Library.

A new spy thriller set in the gloomy bowels of a 1960’s Library.



Don't Panic Agency