Nuclear Future
19 Saturday 19th October

Nuclear Future

Camden People's Theatre

58-60 Hampstead Road, London, NW1 2PY

Price: Tickets prices at £10 - £15.00
Time: Friday and Saturday, 9pm
Starts: Fri 18th Oct
Ends: Sat 19th Oct

From the award-winning Gameshow, Nuclear Future is a shattering new play about the dangerous potential which sits quietly in bunkers across the globe. As the apocalyptic impact of a nuclear disaster regains a foothold in public conversation, this show presents this threat on a more human scale. How do we explain to our children that we use the same energy that created the universe, to rip it apart?

Astrid’s life is like many others. She dresses her child, she spills her coffee, she catches the bus to work. But her work and her PowerPoint slides bring Astrid and the audience into contact with the world’s most dangerous weapons as she assesses the risks and their consequences. In one moment, life can be changed forever.

Gameshow has created this show guided by the belief that we must understand nuclear weapons in this human context, as opposed to the current public conversation which holds them as theoretical and distant, a problem on the other side of the globe. As citizens of a nuclear nation, we are responsible for weapons that could change the world more fundamentally than the worst effects of climate change or natural disaster. What happens the next time we launch a nuclear attack? Can we afford to pretend these weapons don’t exist?



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