Before I Was A Bear
16 Saturday 16th November

Before I Was A Bear

The Bunker

53A Southwark Street, London, London, SE1 1RU

Price: £10 - £16
Time: Tue - Sat 8pm, Sat matinee 4pm
Starts: Tue 12th Nov
Ends: Sat 23rd Nov

A satirical and contemporary take on Greek mythology and the social media slut-shaming generation, Before I Was A Bear is a one-woman/one-bear ménage à deux about friendship, fluid sexuality and irresistibly hot TV detectives, starring award-winning Jacoba Williams (A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Shakespeare’s Globe; Queens of Sheba – Winner of The Stage Award, Vault Festival, New Diorama, Underbelly).

Before I Was A Bear presents a darkly comic tale from a female perspective, exploring the shame and treatment that comes with stepping outside of the mundane to claim your own agency. This debut production from London playwright Eleanor Tindall will be directed by Aneesha Srinivasan (Origin Stories: scratch night, the CentrE17; The Palestinian in the Basement is on Fire, Southwark Playhouse).

The effects of carnal lust have turned Cally into a bear. An actual bear. Through adolescence, ambiguous relationships and the spark of a sexual awakening, the whole suddenly-a-bear situation is brought to light. Is this a blessing or a curse?



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