Live Evil Festival 2020 - Five Days of Heavy Metal Mayhem
16 Thursday 16th January

Live Evil Festival 2020 - Five Days of Heavy Metal Mayhem

The Underworld

174 Camden High Street, London, London, NW1 0NE

Price: General Admission: GBP 35.0
Time: 16:00 - 02:00
Starts: Thu 16th Jan
Ends: Tue 21st Jan

The best fest is back for 5 days of heavy metal mayhem...

"Europe's best underground Heavy Metal Festival returns after a pause, for a 10 year anniversary and packed 5 day event including 22 bands, and the return of UK doom legends Pagan Altar for unmissable show. Plus US epic-metal sensations Eternal Champion for their debut UK show. Expect the trademark fun, evil mayhem!"


Thursday 16th - The Black Heart (DJs until 12)
Game (UK)
Parish (UK)
Heavy Sentence (UK)


Friday 17th - The Underworld Camden
Antichrist (Swe) (SWE)
Deathhammer (Official) (NO)
Deathmace (UK)

Friday 17th - Free After Party at The Black Heart
DJ's from 11:00pm - 2:00am


Saturday 18th - The Underworld Camden
Pagan Altar (UK)
Black Viper (NO)
Saracen (UK)
Obnoxious Youth (SWE)
Nocturnal Witch (DE)
Sacrilegia (IRE)

Saturday 18th - Free After Party at The Dev
Inhuman Nature (UK) 10pm
KK Warslut and LIVE EVIL DJs from 11:00pm - 3:00am


Sunday 19th - The Underworld Camden
Eternal Champion (USA)
Hellish Crossfire (DE)
Helvetets Port (SWE)
Thulsa Doom (ITA)
Asgard (ITA)
Mere Mortal (UK)

Sunday 19th - Free After Party at The Underworld Camden
Venom and Leather (Live Heavy Metal Karaoke)
plus one more until 2:00am



Artists: Occvlta, Game, Parish, Heavy Sentence, Antichrist, Deathhammer, Insane, Deathmace, Pagan Altar, Black Viper, Saracen, Obnoxious Youth, Nocturnal Witch, Sacrilegia, Inhuman Nature, KK Warslut, Eternal Champion, Hellish Crossfire, Helvetets Port, Thulsa Doom, Asgard, Mere Mortal, Venom and Leather



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