Panchkarma treatment in India
14 Saturday 14th December

Panchkarma treatment in India

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Price: 550$
Starts: Sat 7th Dec
Ends: Sat 14th Dec

Ayurveda possesses healing properties which help in achieving health and longevity. Since Ayurveda was born in God’s own country, it provides the best Panchkarma treatments in Kerala, India. Panchkarma therapies aim to purify the human body and get rid of unwanted toxins. Medicated oils and herbal remedies are used to replenish the health, youthfulness, and vigor of an individual.
Program description
This 7-days Panchkarma treatment is offered by a well-known Panchkarma center in India – Rishikul Ayurshala. This center has gathered the secrets of the ancient science to offer highly rejuvenating and refreshing Panchkarma treatments in India. The treatment ensures eternal beauty and youthfulness by removing the imbalance in the doshas caused by destructive lifestyle habits through five treatments – Vamana, Nasya, Virechana, Basti, and Raktmokshana.
• Daily 1 yoga and meditation class if doctor recommends
• Daily 2 types of rejuvenating and detoxifying therapy
• The five purging treatments:
• Vamana – It is the first powerful treatment of Panchakarma therapy. It helps in eliminating vitiated doshas from the body. The process will start with the external and internal oleation and fomentation for a couple of days.
• Virechana – It is another kind of Panchkarma treatment. It helps in correcting pitta doshas. The patient will undergo controlled laxative for a specified period. The therapy is designed to flush toxins from the liver and gallbladder.
• Nasya – Through this technique medicated oil will pass through your nostrils. In the start, a gentle massage will be given to the head and shoulder to relax. The procedure cleans the head region to relieve migraine, headache, sinusitis, neurological disorders, etc.
• Basti – It is very effective in curing Vata dominated disorders mainly found in the colon region. This treatment involves medicinal oils with herbal powders for expunging toxins from the body. It helps in relieving ailments like chronic fever, constipation, headaches, sexual disorders, and arthritis.
• Raktmokshana – This therapy aims to purify blood through leeches. It is a painless and safe method. This is highly effective for diseases caused due to contaminated blood. This therapy alleviates chronic skin problems like eczema, psoriasis, and pigmentation.
Kerala – basking in the lap of nature with a network of 44 rivers and backwater. This serene and pristine state lies in the southeastern part of India. The place is home to numerous herbs, exotic wildlife, beautiful coastline, and emerald green hill stations with a perfect climate for ayurvedic treatments.
Food and accommodation
Taste authentic Indian cuisine prepared by professional chefs under the guidance of qualified teachers. You’ll get meals three times a day with the choice of tea or coffee. Food is prepared through homegrown ingredients to benefit you. Meals are enriched with nutrients.
Accommodate yourself in eco-friendly abode amidst beautiful palm trees. Rooms are available on a twin sharing basis with all the basic amenities. Each room has attached western style washrooms and a space for sitting outside the room. Free Wi-Fi service is available. Extra charges for air conditioning are applicable.
Fee details
• For 7 days – 550 USD
• For 14 days - 1000 USD
• For 21 days – 1500 USD
• For 30 days – 1800 USD
• Daily two types of rejuvenating and detoxifying therapies
• Private accommodation
• 3 times Ayurvedic balanced diets
• Daily 1 yoga and 1 meditation class if the doctor recommends

About the school
Rishikul Ayurshala is the renowned name when it’s come to serving authentic knowledge of Ayurveda. It is a part of Rishikul Yogshala, which is certified with a Yoga Alliance and had established in 2010. This center is in Kerala, which is known as the birthplace of Ayurveda. Teachers are well qualified and friendly always willing to answer your queries and questions.



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