Ayurveda Training in Kerala India
7 Friday 7th February

Ayurveda Training in Kerala India

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Price: 650$
Time: 10 AM to 07 PM
Starts: Fri 7th Feb
Ends: Fri 14th Feb

The ancient healing practice of Ayurveda was first introduced by the ancient saints and sages of India. It is known as the oldest system of healthcare and a powerful way to keep the body, mind, and soul in harmony. The science of life allows people to have a life of wellness to live it to the fullest.
Ayurveda Training in India offers a series of programs to get aware of the Vedic literature and its principles. These carefully crafted Ayurveda courses in Kerala India aim at unfolding the mystical layers that help with restoring wellbeing.
Program Description
Nearly all kinds of Ayurveda course in India offer comprehensive knowledge of the holistic science from the core. Certain programs have gained immense popularity in these many tears offering knowledge on both practical and theoretical grounds.
Following are the most popular Ayurveda courses in Kerala India:
• Basic Awareness on Ayurveda
• Ayurveda Massage Course in India
• Ayurveda Cooking Course in India
• Ayurveda Beauty Therapy Course in India
• Introduction to Ayurvedic ingredients, herbs, oils, etc.
• Understanding of Tridosha to attain the optimal level of health
• Certification from an affiliated Ayurveda Organization
• Acquire basic knowledge of Ayurvedic principle
• Basic knowledge of various treatments and therapies of Ayurveda
• Learn more about Ayurvedic herbs, oils, spices, powdered mix, and other natural ingredients
• Identify diseases and learn how to prevent disease using detox therapies, medicines, etc.
• Learn to use Ayurveda ingredients, and how to make mix them to make medicine
Fee Details:
• Basic Awareness on Ayurveda: USD 700
• Ayurveda Massage Course in India: USD 650
• Ayurveda Cooking Course in India: USD 650
• Ayurveda Beauty Therapy Course in India: USD 650
* These prices include food, accommodation, and excursion.
Enjoy nutritionally balanced and mouth-watering vegetarian meals at the center during the Ayurveda Training program. The meals are served thrice daily using fresh ingredients, herbs, and spices. The food is prepared by trained chefs, who ensure to inculcate the right merger of health, taste, and nutrients. The food generally includes porridge, leafy greens, oats, milk, fruits, bread, and more, with herbal drinks, tea, coolants, and detox water/juice. The center loves to cater to people with special dietary requirements if informed prior while making reservations.
Ayurveda Training in India comes with sheer leisure, comfort, and cleanliness. Ayurveda Center offers a spacious room during the course to relax and replenish your body, mind, and soul. The rooms are available on a single and sharing basis, which provides a sound space to rejuvenate and work on self-development. The accommodation provides all kinds of basic amenities like twin beds, comfy mattresses, toiletries, and more.
About Rishikul Ayurshala
Rishikul Ayurshala is one celebrate name that offers traditional and authentic teaching of Vedic science that provides solutions to heal, treat a health issue, and enhance longevity. With years of experience and having a team of extremely amazing Ayurveda professionals, Rishikul Ayurshala offers multiple kinds of Ayurveda Courses in Kerala, retreat, teacher training, and more.




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