Only Fools and 3 Courses - Portsmouth 21/02/2020
21 Friday 21st February

Only Fools and 3 Courses - Portsmouth 21/02/2020

Best Western Royal Beach Hotel

St Helens Parade Saint Helens Parade, Portsmouth, England, London, PO4 0RN

Price: GBP 39.95
Time: 19:00 to 22:00

Only Fools and 3 Courses Dining Invitation

Join us for the Dinner event of the year, which combines fine food and Comedy action, served up ONLY FOOLS AND HORSES style.

Marlene and Boycie are hosting a Gala Dinner, but will things go to plan with Del, Rodney and Uncle Albert (when I was in the war) on the guest list

Will Raquel put in an appearance and sing! Surely not after the last time?

An Evening of chaos and mayhem with an extra large portion of comedy is the order of the night.

Expect a big fun night out in a friendly party atmosphere with some of the finest comedy actors in the land, professionally produced to the highest standards with your enjoyment at the top of the menu.



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