Ayurveda Beauty Therapy Certification in India
7 Friday 7th February

Ayurveda Beauty Therapy Certification in India

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136-148 Tooley St, London, SE1 2TU

Price: 650$
Time: 10am to 7pm
Starts: Fri 7th Feb
Ends: Fri 14th Feb

Rishikul Ayurshala invites you to be a member of this huge family that conducts different Ayurveda Courses in India to build a strong and sensible society. The motive is to disseminate the 5000 years old, ancient and curative way of healing with the help of Ayurvedic courses and classes. The school is certified by Yoga Alliance and so promises to conduct a worldwide movement, to introduce everyone to the ecstatic and divine world of Ayurveda. All the courses and programs that are conducted - Yoga Teacher Training, Panchakarma treatment, massage courses or Ayurveda beauty courses in India aims at establishing the firm ideology of holistic way of healing with help of Ayurveda.

Program Description

Ayurveda Beauty Course is conducted for 3-4 hours daily under the supervision of skin therapist and Ayurvedantists. The course offers the inner treatment of the body such as balancing the three doshas- Vata, pitta, and Kapha, synchronizing the body constitution and provides nutrition to the body so that it unfolds the outer beauty. The course also gives you the information and knowledge about the various Ayurvedic herbs, oils, and powders that help to enhance the effervescence of the skin. This Ayurveda Academy provide all type of information about ayuveda in their course named as Ayurveda Courses in Kerala The students would also get to know various beauty tips and home remedies to maintain the glow of skin.


Theoretical Aspect

• Fundamental concept of Ayurveda
• Basic awareness about the balancing of three-doshas, Vata, Pitta and Kapha
• Fundamental concept of beauty in the world of Ayurveda
• The connection of inner health and outer beauty
• Impact of our diet on our skin and beauty
• Different kitchen cosmetics and its importance
• Mixture of Ayurvedic herbs, oils and powder to enhance the glow of skin
• Theoretical and fundamental concept of head treatments such as scalp
• Ayurvedic Pack Application, facial massage and scrubs
• Herbal tea, green tea to treat basic skin issues

Practical Aspect

• Hand and foot care treatments
• Scalp and hair treatment to get rid of hair fall and dandruff
• Head massage
• Face care treatment to remove dark patches and dark circles
• Skincare treatment includes scrub, massage and full body wrap
• Herbal medicine care – full body steam bath
• Significance of herbs such as sandal and turmeric for beauty care
• Regular and proper body constitution check-up

Facilities: Food and Accommodation

Rishikul Ayurshal invites you to spend some time at their peaceful abode in the lap of Kerala. The cocoon-shaped well-crafted architecture offers huge windows, wooden floor surrounded by approximately 1500 palm trees offering you immense silence and tranquility. Apart from that, the rooms are equipped with all the necessities. The nutritious, sattvic food is served thrice a day including khichdi, porridge, and fresh fruits and vegetables. It helps in balancing the three doshas leading to the replenishment of the soul and strengthening of the body.

About Rishikul Ayurshala

Rishikul Ayurshala has taken this beautiful initiative to make this world a healthier and better place to live in by introducing the primitive but effective concept of Ayurveda Science. The school promotes the traditional way of healing. The idea is to cure or heal the diseases permanently without any side-effects. Be a part of Ayurshala to immerse yourself into the deep and blissful world of Ayurveda.




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